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Hawke Horror Flick 'The Purge' Outsells Vaughn-Wilson Flop by Michael White & Dawn Kopechi

"The Blumhouse team really develops good, high-concept films," said Phil Contrino, chief analyst at "These are very basic stories. You watch the trailer for ‘The Purge' and you know what you are going to get." Read full article. 

‘Fast' Sequel Tops Weekend Movies Again, Speeds by Smiths by Michael White & Ehren Goossens

"The diversity of the cast is a huge advantage," said Phil Contrino, an analyst with "These films have become global products in a way that doesn't feel forced or tacked on." Read full article. 

Affleck Joins Jackman to Put Studios in Best-Picture Race by Michael White

While the studios buy and distribute some of the smaller pictures that have dominated the Oscars in recent years, their own larger productions are routinely shut out. This year may be different, thanks to Oscar rule changes and a handful of releases that are generating critical notices.

"The major studios are very much in the Oscar race this year," said Phil Contrino, editor of the website. Read full article.

Avengers Sets Second-Weekend Record With $103.2 Million by Michael White and Michael Amato

"‘Avengers' still remains the must-see movie of the weekend," said Phil Contrino, editor at Read full article

Hunger Games Haul Sets Hollywood Searching For Heroines by Christopher Palmeri

People were hungry for something like this," Contrino said in an interview. "Now everyone will be looking for the next ‘Hunger Games' instead of every male-driven, Will Smith action film," he said, referring to the star of "Independence Day" and "Men in Black." Read full article.

Walt Disney's Costly John Carter Fights Film Critics Along With Martians by Michael White and Christopher Palmeri

"This is a movie that should be hitting the sweet spot of males age 18 to 34," says Phil Contrino, editor of the site. "It better make a killing internationally." Read full article.

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wiredlogo.jpgThe Hobbit Could Send Movie Fans on Unexpected Journeys - or Start a Nerd War by Lewis Wallace

"Do I want to be the one that bets against new technology? No." Contrino said. "Nothing is perfect when it starts." Read full article.  



Ticket Sales Fail to Make Hollywood's Summer by Brooks Barnes

Smart counterprogramming continues to work in the summer, Mr. Contrino said. "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" from Fox Searchlight and Sony's "Hope Springs" both became solid hits, he said, "because they reached an audience that could really care less about superheroes, car chases and explosions." Read full article. 

Batman Sales High Despite Shootings by Brooks Barnes

"Putting an emphasis on grosses at this time just doesn't feel appropriate," said Phil Contrino, editor of Read full article. 

Hunger Games Ticket Sales Set Record by Brooks Barnes

"It proves that distributors don't have to wait until the summer or the holiday season to release tent poles," said Phil Contrino, editor of, using Hollywood slang for broad event films. "If a movie looks intriguing, customers will show up, no matter what the calendar reads." Read full article.

A Year of Disappointment at the Movie Box Office by Brooks Barnes

"As bad as the economy is for adults, it's worse for teenagers," said Phil Contrino, editor of, by way of an explanation. "Because they have less disposable income and because they are more plugged in to audience reaction on Facebook and Twitter, the teenage audience is becoming picky," he added. "That's a nightmare for studios that are used to pushing lowest-common-denominator films." Read full article

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Neither Smurf Nor Wizard Could Save Summer Movie Attendance

Retooled Car Series Revives Summer Box Office Hopes



No friends at the box office? by Breeanna Hare

Yet, Contrino added, Aniston has never been really reliable to open a movie on her own, and she was the bigger star in "Bounty." Gerard Butler, her co-star, is gaining prominence but doesn't have the years of recognition that Aniston has. Read full article.

Also from CNN:

Tyler Perry's latest: For 'Colored Girls' only?



From Moviegoers and Critics, A Thousand Words Gets Zero by Jason Evans

Murphy did get good reviews for his supporting work in "Tower Heist" last Thanksgiving and Phil Contrino of BoxOffice Magazine says adult roles like that are probably his best choice at this point. "Murphy needs to go back to R-rated stuff. The family- skewing material is killing him." Read full article.


Taylor Lautner's Post-Twilight Career: What's Next? by Kara Warner's Phil Contrino suggested that Lautner focus on more grown-up projects with big-name, respected directors.

"He can, and most likely will, rebound. The key to his success will be picking the right directors to work with," Contrino said. "He needs to stay away from teen-skewing flicks and go for adult, like Robert Pattinson is doing by working with David Cronenberg." Read full article. 

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More than 20 quotes on everything from The Hangover Part II to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I


Did The Hunger Games Eat Up Harry Potter and Twilight at Midnight
by Joal Ryan. Read full article.

Breaking Dawn Tickets Going Fast, So Why Isn't Harry Potter Worried? by Joal Ryan

The early box-office forecast for the vampire saga's fourth installment is just as impressive. editor Phil Contrino said, as of now, his tracking site was calling for a $155 million opening weekend. Read full article.

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Will Harry Potter Fail To Live Up To Record Hype?

Are George Lucas and James Cameron 3-D Rip-Off Artists?


guardianlogo.gifThe Hunger Games smashes US box office records by Dominic Rushe

Phil Contrino, editor of industry tracking company, said The Hunger Games looked set to become a "billion-dollar franchise".

"Usually it takes several movies to build up this kind of audience," said Contrino. "This is a crazy opening." Read full article.